Sergio Garcia on Mission Athletecare

Posted on Wed, Oct 26, 2011

After this past Sunday’s win at the Castello Masters, Sergio Garcia took a convincing step back towards the top. It was on this very course, where his father is still a club pro, that El Niño began playing golf at the age of three. Now, just three days ago, his decisive eleven-stroke win has propelled him back into the world's Top 50. Many may remember his breakthrough performance in ‘99, at the age of 19, when he finished second to Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship. Read more about Sergio's victory on ESPN

Since partnering with Mission Athletecare, Sergio’s input has been instrumental in developing and field testing products that help protect golfers and enhance performance at every level. In addition to enhancing performance, Mission products support rehabilitation. To make sure he's rehabing as best and as fast as possible, Sergio says he loves to use Mission's Max Muscle Rehab. "It helps me recharge my muscles, get good energy and be ready for the next day." What do the upcoming days have in store for him? We're hoping a Major. Or two.

Learn more about what Sergio uses to win

Mission Athlete Profile: Sarah Haskins

Posted on Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Coming off a dominant summer during which she completed a three-peat of the Chicago Triathlon in August and a three-peat of the Minneapolis Triathlon in July, Sarah Haskins, one of Mission’s original athlete co-founders, has her sights set on next year and the 2012 Olympics.  As a member of Team USA in Beijing she placed 11th overall. Now, newly crowned as the 2011 World Cup winner, she’s ready to establish herself as the best in her field. Not even ten years ago, in 2003, Haskins competed in her first triathlon. Within a year, she moved to Colorado Springs to train at the USA Triathlon’s Olympic Training Center. On her first day, she noticed a sign that read, It’s not every four years; it’s every day and instantly decided it was time to go after her childhood dream. It was during Sarah’s residency at the OTC that she dedicated herself to the training regimen that she’s made Mission a part of. In her speech at the Hibbett’s Sports Conference (see above), she was quick to draw a parallel between the OTC’s commitment to high performance and recovery and the quality of the Mission products that she has helped develop.

Sarah candidly piled on the praise for Mission’s Anti-Chafe Cream, crediting it for nixing wetsuit hickeys, saddle sores and blisters from her list of things to worry about while competing. She even lines her shoes with it to help speed up her transition from water to land.

In addition to the Anti-Chafe Cream, the Spray Sunscreen and Stick keep her skin protected while training in Claremont, Florida during the summer and in Colorado Springs during the winter. Mission’s Max Muscle Rehab is her final go-to, a product she uses everyday before she works out to warm-up her muscles. She divulged that her husband occasionally uses it to give her a massage after a long training session. Even better!

With those three products and the entire Mission team in her corner, we feel great about her chances in London. Sarah concluded her speech by recalling a quote she’d heard at the OTC. “Behind every Olympic athlete there is a team of coaches,” whether they are strength coaches, massage therapists or chiropractors. “Mission is a part of that for me,” she said, “they keep me up and on my feet.” What’s best, she continued and we agree, is that Mission’s high performance products are available to everyone - even kids who, like she did, dream of one day competing for Olympic gold. You can purchase Sarah’s signature products by clicking here, and can follow her all the way to London on her blog.

Mission Athletecare™ & Dwyane Wade Launch COURT GRIP™

Posted on Tue, Oct 04, 2011

This past February, Dwyane Wade signed on as a partner. It doesn’t seem like too long ago, but since then a lot has happened at Mission. Of note, last week’s hugely successful launch of Wade and Mission Basketball’s newest product, COURT GRIP™. The day started early at Fox and Friends and ended late at Jimmy Fallon, complete with stops for the New York Times and ESPN (among others) in between. After all of that, basketball may never be the same. We have everyone at COURT GRIP™ - from D-Wade to the engineers who literally created the winning formula - to thank.

Mission Court GripAs you know if you’ve followed the trajectory of Mission Athletecare™, we have a unique business model. We believe that in order to improve sports, you’ve got to start small and dream big. We also believe that in order to meet the expectations we set, it is imperative to involve people who are most familiar with the sport at hand - players. Take our newest endeavor: Mission Basketball. The problem of court traction has been around since Springfield. As halftime shows and multi-purpose arenas have grown more and more popular, court conditions have taken a backseat - something that basketball players the world over have noticed. After committing to solve this problem, we went straight to the courts and and were thrilled when the dynamic Dwyane Wade signed on as a company partner. 

We know that game changers are rare, but believe COURT GRIP™ can change the game of basketball from the ground up. So does D-Wade, so does legendary coach Jim Boeheim, and so do the AAU players who helped in product testing. Everyday we’re hearing back from some of the 30 million basketball players in the United States who are trying COURT GRIP™ on their home courts, and we hope to hear from you too. We mean that. Much of Mission’s success can be attributed to the collaborative process behind the development of our products. Join the grip revolution at the Mission Basketball Facebook page or follow @CourtGrip to stay with us. There’s a lot more to come.

COURT GRIP™ is available now from Eastbay.com and Foot Locker!

Mission Athlete Summer Round Up

Posted on Mon, Sep 12, 2011

Mission Athletes

We are never short of news to report about our athlete partners. With an athlete team that is competing year-round, we never have an off-season. One hope for this blog is to introduce you to each and every one of them, not just as high performing elite athletes, but also as community leaders. So while you may be an avid fan of Sergio or Jessica, check out Mia and Georges. They’re all on this team together; get to know them!

Without further ado, a quick run down of what our número unos (yes, all of them) have been up to this summer.

Serena Williams: Although Serena fell just short at the 2011 US Open, her return to dominance this season can't be questioned. With strong showings at both the Open and Wimbledon, Serena is positioned to regain her spot as the #1 seed very soon! Check out Serena on Mission Foot Rehab Cream

Georges St. Pierre: Reigning UFC Welterweight Champion, St. Pierre is in hype mode and gearing up for his upcoming UFC 137 main event title fight against welterweight, Nick Diaz. GSP says he’s back to 100%, coming off a head injury sustained in a fight on April 30th.

Sergio Garcia: Will be moving on from the Deutsche Bank Championship in Boston to greener pastures in Chicago for the BMW Championship. No stranger to fútbol, Sergio spent some time practicing with the New England Revolution while in town. Watch out for him on the links and on your local soccer field.

Gretchen Bleiler: Finished fourth at the Burton New Zealand Open in August. Read about her quest to land the frontside corked 720 in competition and keep up with her advocacy work off the mountain on her ESPNW blog.

Steve Nash: Recently spotted at Rock the Bells on Governor’s Island in New York, Nash, along with his fellow NBAers, are waiting out the lockout. This summer, the Steve Nash Foundation hosted their annual Showdown in Chinatown soccer event in NYC. Steve will also be playing a supporting role in an upcoming Mission announcement ... stay tuned!

Sarah Haskins: Sarah made it three in a row at the 2011 Life Time Chicago Triathlon, becoming the only woman to ever threepeat. She’ll continue her preparation for the 2012 Games in London at her next race, the Toyota US Open Triathalon on October 2.

David Wright: After a dominate week at the plate, and an overall surge since coming off the disabled list at the end of June, Mets’ third baseman David Wright was recently named the NL’s Player of the Week for leading in hits and doubles. See David talk about the importance of wearing sunscreen

Hunter Kemper: Coming off a great 2nd place finish at the Hy-Vee Triathlon in DesMoines, Iowa, Hunter’s on to the Buffalo ITU Race on the 24th.

Amanda Beard: Will build off of her performance at the World Swimming Championships in Shanghai in continued preparation for London and the approaching Olympic Games. See Amanda's video profile

Mia Hamm: Offered her expert opinion as a guest commentator during this summer’s Women’s World Cup and recently laced up the kicks for her foundation on July 31st at a bone marrow registration event in DC. More

Ryan Scheckler: Two months after wrapping up the Zumiez 2011 Couch Tour, Ryan’s still accumulating skate footage for his part of the Plan B video slated to drop sometime next year. Catch him in FL this week! 

Jessica Mendoza: Was just on the sidelines of the BYU and Ole Miss game last week and can be found at more of college football’s biggest games this season as an ESPN lead analyst and sideline reporter.

Alonzo Mourning: NBA front offices are waiting out the lockout, too. Mourning, Miami Heat VP of Player Programs will be joining fellow Hoya alum in South Africa. Alonzo, along with Georgetown buddies and NBA greats Dkemebe Mutumbo and Patrick Ewing, will be touring as coaches and ambassadors with the Basketball Without Borders program.

Want to learn more about these athletes, where they are in the world and what they’re doing there? Tell us who!

Muscle Pain Meets Its Match: Mission Max Muscle Rehab

Posted on Wed, Aug 24, 2011

Everyone’s on a mission. Regardless of whether tomorrow’s goal is winning the US Open (here’s lookin’ at you, Serena) or getting up after a taxing workout or a day of heavy lifting, the ability to bounce back is essential. Just ask Mission Athletecare partner and Met’s 3rd baseman, David Wright who attests, “good day or bad day, you have to be able to rebound and rebound quickly.” Even though most of us are not accustomed to the seven-day workweek of athletes like David and Serena, we are familiar with the idea of a no-days-off attitude. If our goal is something worth pursuing, we should be pursuing it non-stop.

Max Muscle RehabKeeping the mind sharp to achieve that goal is one thing. Keeping the body prime for the daily grind of making it happen is another. That’s where Mission’s Max Muscle Rehab steps in. As part of the line of Mission Athletecare products, it was specifically engineered to enhance performance and rehab for training and competition. There is no need for ice baths or heating pads; just apply and get back after it. 

Max Muscle Rehab helps David “jump outta bed” to suit up for the Mets. And, Serena Williams, who can name a laundry list of body parts that are aching after training, uses it at the end of the day for “instant results.” We all love those and we all have to get up tomorrow. Here’s to a speedy recovery. 

Ready to buy? Visit our online store

Questions? ask@missionathletecare.com

M Foundations Presents Inaugural "Gold M Award"

Posted on Fri, Aug 12, 2011

On a balmy night in New York, the M Foundation, in partnership with Mission Athletecare™, Modell's Sporting Goods and the David Wright Foundation presented the inaugural $20,000 "Gold M Award" to high school senior Mitch Arnold, from Fort Atkinson, WI.

Launched in September 2010, The M Foundation is a revolutionary non-profit organization that inspires young athletes to lead healthy lifestyles and to perform their best both within and outside the competitive arena – through activation and awards programs – most notably, The M Awards. The M Awards, a national scholarship program which are championed by the M Foundation's world renowned athletes and spotlight "Athletes on a Mission" everywhere, identifies high school athletes who are exemplary role models in their communities. In its first year (2010-2011 academic year), the M Foundation recognized over 40 high school student athletes with Bronze and Silver as well as our one overall Gold award winner.

"We are extremely proud to present Mitch with the first ever Gold M Award for his exceptional leadership both on and off the field, and for his outstanding commitment to give back to children around the world who share his love and passion for soccer," said Cathy Cercena, Executive Director of the M Foundation. "Mitch is a leader, a role model and a shining example of what it means to be an "Athlete on a Mission."

check presentation
Arnold was presented with a $20,000 check – $10,000 college scholarship, $10,000 donation to charity – during an on-field event at Citi Field on Monday, August 1st with New York Mets All-Star David Wright, President, Mission Athletecare Founder and President Josh Shaw and CEO of Modell's Sporting Goods Mitchell Modell.

"The true meaning of an athlete is not only to perform on the field but to leverage those abilities in the community as well," said David Wright. "Mitch embodies everything an athlete should aspire to be and we're honored to present him with the inaugural Gold M Award so he can continue to educate and inspire other student athletes across the world."

Arnold's mission mirrors that of the M Foundation in that he seeks to educate and inspire. In October 2006 he created a foundation called "Peace Is the Goal," an organization created to spread goodwill throughout the world by way of soccer. By supplying children in need with new soccer equipment, Arnold is giving kids a positive outlet, providing physical education, team-building and morale-boosting activities.

Since the inception of "Peace Is the Goal," Arnold has completed 106 projects which have led to the shipment of nearly $35,000 worth of soccer equipment and has impacted more than 15,000 children in 53 countries including Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kosovo, Uganda, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and the United States.

Arnold added, "I want to thank the M Foundation for choosing me as the inaugural Gold M Award winner. I feel blessed to be recognized and honored by such a phenomenal entity and by athletes whom I've admired throughout my entire life."

To learn more about The M Awards or to nominate a student-athlete, visit www.theMawards.org or register at www.berecruited.com.  For more information about the mission and work of The M Foundation, visit www.theMfoundation.org.

Do you have a good story about a young athlete in your community making a difference? Leave a comment below!

Mission Athlete Profile: Amanda Beard

Posted on Thu, Jul 28, 2011

Meet Mission Athlete Partner Amanda Beard: Olympic Swimmer, Water Safety and Wildlife Advocate, Model, TV Personality, Mom.

Amanda is a seven-time Olympic medalist (two gold, four silver, one bronze), five-time U.S. national champion and an American record holder in the 200-meter breaststroke. Beard's successes have earned her the American Swimmer of the Year Award twice. She has won a total of twenty-one medals in major international competition, five gold, thirteen silver, and three bronze spanning the Olympics, the World Championships, the Pan Pacific Championships, and the Summer Universiade.

Amanda has also enjoyed a career in front of the camera, as a model, spokesperson and TV corespondent.

Though she's well known for her many accomplishments in the world of competitive swimming and as a model, she's also known for championing the conservation of endangered marine life. Amanda has also teamed up with the World Waterpark Association to raise awareness of water safety and responsible sun exposure through a series of public service announcements.

"Water safety is incredibly important," says Beard. "I have a son at home, and we have a pool of course. At 6-months old I got him into swim classes. I want him to know how to swim as a life skill. Everyone should know how to swim for their own safety and the safety of people around them in the water, and I want to support that."

Mission Skinny ToneAmanda is married to photographer Sacha Brown. In 2009, Beard gave birth to their first child, a boy named Blaise Ray Brown.

"The fun thing about being a mom is that no matter what is going on in the pool, or if you have a bad workout, I get to go home and see his smiling face. He runs and gives me a hug and I could care less about what just happened. It's a new chapter in my life, and I'm really enjoying it."

Amanda's favorite Mission Athletecare™ products include Skinny Tone Ultra-Firming Cream, sunscreen, and her signature Organic Strawberry lip balm.

Amanda is gearing up for the 2012 Olympics. You can follow her online on Twitter

Suncare: We've got you covered

Posted on Fri, Jul 22, 2011

Mission Suncare

From a young age, we teach athletes to take care of their bodies. Stretch. Exercise. Eat right. Don't smoke. Unfortunately, research suggests that many of these athletes aren't doing one of the simplest things they can do to take care of their bodies; use sunscreen.

Most sports are played outdoors in direct sunlight, and a significant amount of a person’s total sun exposure occurs during childhood and adolescence. Studies have linked this exposure during early life to increased incidence of both melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer in later life. In addition, several studies have noted an association between outdoor sports activities and skin cancer.

The primary tools of prevention against skin cancer and photoaging are sunscreen and avoidance of sun exposure. Photoaging refers to the damage that is done to the skin from prolonged exposure, over a person's lifetime, to UV radiation. Although avoidance is most effective, it is not practical for those in outdoor athletics.

A recent article published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology by Dr. Brian B. Adams, Associate Professor in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Cincinnati, suggests that as much as 85% of collegiate athletes are not using sunscreen to protect their skin. College athletes participating in outdoor sports are exposed to the sun for extensive periods of time, often during peak hours of ultraviolet radiation, nearly every day during their active season. In the study, athletes sighted a variety of reasons for not using sunscreen, including lack of availability, laziness and not understanding sunscreen was needed for their skin type. We can do better.

To keep it simple, do this: buy your sunscreen, and buy a lot of it. Keep some in your gym bag, your locker and your car. If you are going to be outside, take 1-minute to protect your skin. You'll be glad you did.

Mission SunscreenMission was founded by a premier group of world-class athletes, all of whom work closely with our company to develop products that solve problems unique to athletes. This brand new Athletecare™ category provides clinically-proven solutions to people with active lifestyles.

Mission has rolled out five new suncare products this summer; No Sting Sunscreen SPF 30+ Facestick, Sun Defeated™ SPF 50+ and 30+ Continuous Sprays, Kids Continuous Play™ SPF 70 Spray, and Ultra-Sweatproof Sunscreen SPF 30+ Lotion. Our Suncare products boast broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, are sweatproof and waterproof, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, and are 100% free of parabens.

Gear up for summer. Shop our online store or visit any of our retail partners.

Mission Athlete Profile: Ryan Sheckler

Posted on Tue, Jun 21, 2011

This is a the first in a series of profiles that will introduce you to Mission's Athlete Partners.

So, meet Ryan Sheckler; pro skateboarder, TV star, business owner and charity founder.

Ryan was born in La Palma, CA, in 1989. He started rolling on a skateboard in his driveway at 18 months, and by the time he was 4, he could do ollies. At 7, he got a mini-ramp in the backyard and began skating every day.

He burst on to the international stage in 2007 as the star of his MTV reality show The Life of Ryan which chronicled the successes, struggles and mayhem of the young pro.

Mission Athlete Ryan ShecklerNow, at just 19 years of age, Ryan has won nearly every skateboarding title there is. A pro by the age of 13, he is a three-time AST Tour Champion, an X Games Gold Medalist and a World Cup of Skateboarding Champion.

When he's not breaking records, Ryan is busy growing his family-run charity, The Sheckler Foundation, which provides funding and assistance to those in need.

Founded in 2008, The Sheckler Foundation was created as an avenue for Ryan, his family, friends and business associates to give back to the community and industry that they are so grateful for. Fueled by the desire to contribute to the many causes that directly benefit and enrich the lives of children and injured action sports athletes, The Sheckler Foundation produces fundraising events, passion projects and web-based initiatives to raise capital and awareness. The Foundation's ultimate goal is to empower the community to “Be the Change”!

The Sheckler Foundation recently hosted their 2nd Annual "Skate for a Cause" event at the Etnies Skate Park of Lake Forest in California. This year's event benefited Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks has grown into the nation's largest autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. Check out this video recap from the folks at Etnies.

Look for Ryan and his Plan B cohort in the new "Super Future" video dropping July 2011. Do yourself a favor and watch some of the unbelievable air Ryan gets in this promo video.

Check out Ryan's signature SPF 15 Orange Lip Balmer from Mission Athletecare.

What the Heck is Athletecare?

Posted on Thu, May 19, 2011

Mission Athletecare Product Shot

Mission Athletecare™ is the only company ever to create a line of products to enhance performance in, and recovery from, training and competition. 

Mission was co-founded by a premier group of world-class athletes who are keen on being part of the innovation process to better serve the unique needs of athletes at all levels of competition.

The Mission Innovation Team is led by world-renowned doctors and scientists who collaboratively engineer the Mission products to meet the highest demands of world class athletes. From a Sunscreen that is clinically proven to not sting in your eyes to a proprietary Anti-Friction Cream that lasts up to 5 times longer than the competition, Mission maniacally focuses on true product innovations that are unmatched in the marketplace – and give athletes the edge they need. 

Learn more about our products

Mission Athletecare has partnered with some of the world’s top athletes to field test and use our products, including:

Mission Athletecare is available through our online store and from retail partners like Dick's Sporting Goods, Hibbett Sports, Lady Foot Locker and CVS/pharmacy.