Mission Athlete Profile: Sarah Haskins

Posted on Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Coming off a dominant summer during which she completed a three-peat of the Chicago Triathlon in August and a three-peat of the Minneapolis Triathlon in July, Sarah Haskins, one of Mission’s original athlete co-founders, has her sights set on next year and the 2012 Olympics.  As a member of Team USA in Beijing she placed 11th overall. Now, newly crowned as the 2011 World Cup winner, she’s ready to establish herself as the best in her field. Not even ten years ago, in 2003, Haskins competed in her first triathlon. Within a year, she moved to Colorado Springs to train at the USA Triathlon’s Olympic Training Center. On her first day, she noticed a sign that read, It’s not every four years; it’s every day and instantly decided it was time to go after her childhood dream. It was during Sarah’s residency at the OTC that she dedicated herself to the training regimen that she’s made Mission a part of. In her speech at the Hibbett’s Sports Conference (see above), she was quick to draw a parallel between the OTC’s commitment to high performance and recovery and the quality of the Mission products that she has helped develop.

Sarah candidly piled on the praise for Mission’s Anti-Chafe Cream, crediting it for nixing wetsuit hickeys, saddle sores and blisters from her list of things to worry about while competing. She even lines her shoes with it to help speed up her transition from water to land.

In addition to the Anti-Chafe Cream, the Spray Sunscreen and Stick keep her skin protected while training in Claremont, Florida during the summer and in Colorado Springs during the winter. Mission’s Max Muscle Rehab is her final go-to, a product she uses everyday before she works out to warm-up her muscles. She divulged that her husband occasionally uses it to give her a massage after a long training session. Even better!

With those three products and the entire Mission team in her corner, we feel great about her chances in London. Sarah concluded her speech by recalling a quote she’d heard at the OTC. “Behind every Olympic athlete there is a team of coaches,” whether they are strength coaches, massage therapists or chiropractors. “Mission is a part of that for me,” she said, “they keep me up and on my feet.” What’s best, she continued and we agree, is that Mission’s high performance products are available to everyone - even kids who, like she did, dream of one day competing for Olympic gold. You can purchase Sarah’s signature products by clicking here, and can follow her all the way to London on her blog.

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